In late 2012 Edge Design Studio was asked to collaborate with the client Benjamin May, in undertaking a refurbishment of the iconic London Hotel in Paddington.

The aim was to breathe new life into the existing design which was inherently modern in its aesthetic. Character was reinstated into the spaces, opening them up allowing them to flow and have more interaction with one another. The concept aimed to create a design that would reflect some of the grandeur of the building’s era whilst still making reference to the contemporary alterations and additions the building has undertaken over the years.

Timber was introduced on floors, siding to walls and industrial lighting created a perfect mix of old and new. Original Bavarian beer tables were used in the space which essentially serves as an extension of the central beer garden.

Quirky elements sourced by the client were introduced such as vintage tin posters and pin ball machines which give it a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, a home away from home for many Paddington locals.